Let them eat cake

As Whiskas mentioned in the Live at Leeds post, we hit the rehearsal room this week for the first time as DUELS III, and muchos fun was had. A cake in the shape of a champagne bottle and warm Grolsch all laid on special like to welcome Whiskas.

Despite our creaking bones shaking with the sugar rush, it all sounded surprisingly musical having had such a hiatus and with a new member to add to the mix. We ran through some Barbarians tracks with Whiskas adding dollops of epic, and a mere suggestion of sonic boom, to the equation.

We also spent a while on the first potential new track, I’ll leave Jon F to talk song titles and the like. Suffice to say after a few goes through it started to take shape and should give us an interesting point to pick up from next time.

III beginneth…..

DUELS 2009 - first rehearsal

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